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.308 WIN (7.62x51mm) 125gr Frangible Limited Penetration

.308 WIN (7.62x51mm) 125gr Frangible Limited Penetration


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The Lead-Free EBR Frangible line is ideal for home defense, shoot houses and steel targets. EBR frangible ammunition provides an extra measure of accuracy and safety for those training or protecting their home. The projectile is designed to break apart and expand in soft tissue or hard surfaces, signi´Čücantly reducing the chance ricochet or over penetration.
  • This entirely new and accurate .308 Limited Penetration round is a significant breakthrough for those responsible for precision fires in crowded, urban environments. With a maximum penetration of 9" in ballistic medium, this means that the shooter can go ahead and take the shot without constantly having to adjust his decision due to over penetration issues. This ammunition shoots consistently a hair over MOA out to at least 500 yards utilizing a quality weapon system. Since it dumps the entire 2600 ft/lbs of energy.