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EBR .300 Blackout MAX Expander 125gr Ammunition .300 Blackout 125gr MAX Expander

The Engel Ballistic Research .300 Blackout HVE (High-Velocity Expander) expands to an astonishing 0.88" on impact with soft tissue making it the ideal hunting or home defense round. The round is MOA accurate out of a quality weapons platform.

MSRP: $41.00
.300 Blackout 200gr Subsonic MAX Expander .300 Blackout 200gr Subsonic MAX Expander

This ammunition revolutionizes subsonic hunting in the .300 AAC Blackout caliber. In the past, the terminal ballistics of subsonic ammunition, including the .300 Blackout, have been limited in respect to knock down power and wound channel size by projectiles which did not expand. Engel Ballistic Research’s new .300 Blackout "Phantom" Subsonic Expander maximizes the transfer of energy on live targets exponentially by utilizing a projectile which dramatically and rapidly expands on impact with soft tissue creating a large cavitation while at the same time cutting through live tissue in a way similar to a broad head on an arrow.

MSRP: $43.00