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EBR 12 Gauge Frangible Entry Slug 325gr 12 Gauge 325gr Frangible

Engel Ballistic Research’s 325gr Frangible Hollow Point Safety Entry Slug minimizes over penetration in a deadly force situation. Please view our demonstration video, it shows the frangible entry slug disintegrating a watermelon, but not penetrating through the paper target directly behind the watermelon. This makes the round ideal for minimizing risk and collateral damage during door breaching and home defense operations.

MSRP: $23.75
EBR 12 Gauge Frangible Entry Slug 435gr 12 Gauge 435gr MAX Expander Slug

Engel Ballistic Research is proud to introduce our 12 Gauge Expanding Slug for home defense and hunting applications. This slug will expand out to 1.4325" on impact with soft tissue. The maximum expansion of this devastating round allows for an extreme transfer of energy. Please watch our ballistic gel test video for a demonstration of this energy transfer.

MSRP: $24.75
EBR 9mm MAX Expander 124gr 9mm 124gr MAX Expander

Our 9mm Expanding ammunition maximizes lethality, while still penetrating 12" on average during an FBI Ballistic Gel Test.

MSRP: $29.00
EBR 9mm Fracturing 115gr Ammunition 9mm 115gr Fracturing

The Engel Ballistic Research 9mm 115r Solid Copper Fracturing round harnesses a projectile that fractures into four pieces, including three razor sharp petals and the base, creating four separate wound channels. FBI style ballistic gel tests show an average of six and a half inches of penetration prior to the petals exiting the gel, while the base penetrated an average of fourteen and a half inches.

MSRP: $29.00
EBR .45 ACP MAX Expander 185gr .45 ACP 185gr MAX Expander

Our .45 ACP MAX solid copper expanding ammunition maximizes lethality and cavitation, while not over penetrating making it ideal for home defense and law enforcement scenarios.

MSRP: $34.80
.45 ACP 185gr Fracturing .45 ACP 185gr Fracturing

Our .45 ACP fracturing ammunition is ideal for home defense and concealed carry applications. The solid copper projectile consists of three petals and a base that separate on impact with soft tissue allowing for four different wound channels.

MSRP: $34.80
EBR .223 Max Expander 62gr Ammunition .223 REM (5.56x45mm) 62gr MAX Expander

The Engel Ballistic Research .223 Solid Copper Expanding ammunition allows for the ultimate expansions of 0.77" on impact with soft tissue. This translates to more lethality when you need it. The round is MOA accurate out of a quality weapon platform.

MSRP: $39.00
EBR .300 Blackout MAX Expander 125gr Ammunition .300 Blackout 125gr MAX Expander

The Engel Ballistic Research .300 Blackout HVE (High-Velocity Expander) expands to an astonishing 0.88" on impact with soft tissue making it the ideal hunting or home defense round. The round is MOA accurate out of a quality weapons platform.

MSRP: $41.00
EBR .308 Winchester MAX Expander 130gr .308 WIN (7.62x51mm) 130gr MAX Expander

This high performance 130 grain solid copper .308 Win cartridge is built entirely from premium, match-grade components and is manufactured to strict tolerances.  It provides excellent (MOA) accuracy while maximizing projectile expansion and energy transfer for optimal terminal ballistics.

MSRP: $43.00